Improve Your Customer Experience

Give Power to the PeopleWhy would a hospital advertise at a movie theater? or need social media?

Recently, I asked myself this question as I noticed that a local hospital had been more active at advertising. Part of their campaign was rolling out “Friend and Family Sharing Ideas,” a new forum for the community to leave comments, engage and share ideas with the hospital.

This is a brilliant way of reaching a community and improving their customer experience.  The forum will only share the most discussed topics with the hospital directors.  This means that it is driven by the issues that are most effecting the public and not just a general complaint.  Also, every community has people with more clout and this method puts everyone’s comments on an even playing field.  The most important issues are the ones that are effecting everyone.

So instead of being just a place to complain the hospital has provided a platform for the community to connect and present real issues.

How are you doing this for your own audience?  Do they have a social media outlet that lets anyone respond?  Or do they limit the feedback they receive, without seeing the whole picture.

Who has the power to make changes in your company?

Ask yourself… how you can give that power to your customers and better meet their needs, expectations and solve their problems.



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