Increase Your Leads From Mobile Users

51% of people use mobile phones as their primary source for searching the internet…

How to drive traffic to your online business.

How to drive traffic to your online business.

And that doesn’t include other devices.  (

How can this help your business?  You want to make your website as easy to use as possible for your potential clients.

And if half of those customers are searching on their phone use the steps below to find out how well your website is working for you.

Step 1: Use your phone to view your webpage.  Spend a minute navigating it.  Zooming in and out as well as going to the different pages.

Step 2: Ask yourself these questions:
–  Did your webpage take a long time to load on your phone?
–  Could you see your pictures?
–  Was it easy to navigate? Click the links?
–  Were all of your links on the homepage easy to use?
–  Was there anything missing that should’ve been on your site? Graphics, titles or specific fonts?

Step 3:  This is what people who search for your website see when they use their phones.  This is your user experience.  And if you answered no to any of the above questions your site could be making it difficult for customers to see your online business.

Step 4: Good job!  You’ve evaluated your website quickly and easily based on your own experience.

Now you can use that information however you want:
–  Show off your snazzy website
–  Make changes or get advice on how to optimize your site for mobile devices
 Challenge yourself by going to your webpage from a link on Facebook or from a post

If you have any comments please leave them below.  For questions please contact me.


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