The Road to Eldorado: Searching for Amazing Blogging Ideas

Similar to the search for gold, figuring out how to get good ideas for your blog can seem like a never ending quest.

So instead of stressing over how to get ideas for your blog, make it easier on yourself and before you start writing, focus on planning your actions with the following information.

  • First, you need to know what you want to accomplish with a blog, this is your message.  This will keep you super focused and help avoid being overwhelmed with thousands of topics to write on.
  • Secondly, who is your target audience?  If you aren’t trying to write for everyone you can tailor your message.  Pick a certain niche, demographic, age range, or type of audience (i.e. hobbyists) and focus on their wants, needs and desires.  Getting the right idea for your blog comes less from creativity and more from being specific about who you are targeting.
  • Next ask yourself how can I share useful information with my target audience to help them accomplish their wants, needs and desires?

When you open your search engine in the morning do you click on the “How All Videos are Corrupting Convicts” blog? Or will you open the one with “How to Plan a Weekend Getaway for Under $100” blog?  The one with useful information has a much better chance of being opened than the one with random information.

Now you have your plan and you know your audience, how do you get ideas?  Share the information that you already know.  Anything that relates to your audience could be a good blog.  Use your experience, articles, e-newsletters, other blogs, customer feedback from social media or questions from your business.  If you can adapt the idea to your audience’s needs then you have a blog idea and the sky is the limit.

When you have a very tight focus on what you want to do with your blog and who you are targeting, ideas can come from anywhere as long as they relate back to your audience.  With a focused plan, the search for gold seems a lot easier.

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